Cross-cultural coachings

Cross-cultural executive coaching

Duration: 3-12 months


Some employees hold certain key positions, which require a high level of cross-cultural awareness and competence. The spectrum can be broad - including project managers who are responsible for international teams or expats who have relocated to a new country.

Cross-cultural coaching is a process which accompanies the coachee over a period of time and supports him/her in dealing with every day cross-cultural related challenges. For specific questions, a few sessions may be sufficient. Depending on the goal and position of the coachee, longer-term support can also be useful.

Systemic questioning techniques and various intervention measures enable coachees to become aware of their own situation and to develop their own solution strategies.


The cross-cultural coaching content will be adapted to the individual needs of the coachee.

After a detailed needs analysis, the content can be closely based on personal topics in everyday work, depending on the coaching issue, or it can also focus on general aspects of cross-cultural competence.

Possible topics:

  • Preparation of important international meetings & presentations
  • Development of a concrete communication plan if there are conflicts in the team or to prepare for difficult discussions.
  • Preparation of an employee interview
  • Self-reflection on own leadership role in a global team

To support the coaching process, the use of a computer-based assessment tool is recommended - Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) - IDI serves as a diagnostic tool that helps to tailor the content and methods even more specifically to the needs of the coachee.


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