Duration: 1-2 days

More and more teams are made up of members from different cultures. These international teams can work together both virtually and at a fixed location.
At the beginning of the cooperation, the focus is usually on the task. Aspects such as communication and conflict strategies, cultural differences, different values ​​and working styles as well as a different understanding of time are overlooked and can lead to long-term conflicts
Especially at the beginning of the cooperation, but also later, it is therefore important to define common rules for a successful cooperation.


  • What values ​​underlie my culture, the other culture and our team as a whole?
  • What do we expect from each other?
  • How do we design the practical implementation of our cooperation in terms of processes, communication, etc.?
  • How do we behave and handle conflicts?
  • What are our objectives for the future?

These or similar questions are worked out by the participants with the help of such a workshop. It is less about conveying concrete content and more about developing team-specific processes that form the basis for successful cooperation.


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