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The situation

In most companies, international cooperation has become normality – be it in production, development or sales.

But what kind of effect does it have on a department and its employees if, for example, parts of the software development are outsourced to India?

Starting with the selection process and continuing with a step-by-step integration of all employees as well as the handover of various work packages, there are a number of things that need to be considered.

However, such considerations are often based on local standards, which do not or only partially correspond to the reality in the respective countries.

In my many years of experience as a trainer and consultant, I have repeatedly encountered the challenge of senior management deciding on measures that are difficult or impossible to implement on an operational level. As a consequence goals are often not met which leads to frustration on all sides.

This is exactly where I want to support you and your company with my knowledge and experience.

What I can do for you

A thorough analysis of your company and your project - taking all stakeholders into consideration - will be the foundation for the consultancy process.

I see my role as a consultant throughout the entire process. Depending on where you are with your internationalization project, I can accompany you from the beginning on, or alternatively support you at a later stage in the project. I will advise you on the selection of suitable locations, support you with recruitment, work with you to develop communication strategies for the change process and train your employees with regard to cultural differences and working methods.


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